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An economical

OSP 7+ plan equips your officers with the latest devices, software, and training that seamlessly integrate to help support agency priorities, such as safety, reducing administrative hours, and ensuring policy compliance.

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Keep your community safer with less expense.

Improve safety for officers & the public

OSP 7+ offers de-escalation tools in the most effective CEW to-date and the latest body-worn cameras, which have proven to decrease civilian complaints and use of force.

Keep officers in the community

OSP 7+ software tools, which manage workflows and improve efficiency so you can spend more time in the community.

Identify training needs — proactively

The OSP 7+ includes compliance tools like Axon Performance, which alleviates the burden of your leadership team to monitor adherence to agency policy — the software does it for you.

“We very quickly learned that Axon was leaps and bounds above everybody else.”
- SGT. Jim Munro, City of Clovis PD

Why OSP 7+

Watch this video to learn all about the bundle in under two minutes.

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